Claudia Smith Brinson Presents Stories of Struggle: The Clash over Civil Rights in South Carolina

Feb 17, 2021 @ 12pm ET | Location: Virtual Event

Feb 17, 2021 @ 12pm ET
Location: Virtual Event
Hosted by: Upcountry History Museum

Join journalist and author Claudia Smith Brinson as she shares firsthand accounts from the civil rights activists and pioneers she interviewed for her new book, Stories of Struggle: The Clash over Civil Rights in South Carolina.

In this pioneering study of the long and arduous struggle for civil rights, journalist Claudia Smith Brinson details the lynchings, beatings, cross burnings, and venomous hatred that black South Carolinians endured—as well as the astonishing courage, dignity, and compassion of those who risked their lives for equality. Through extensive research and interviews with more than 150 civil rights activists, Brinson chronicles twenty pivotal years of petitioning, picketing, boycotting, marching, and holding sit-ins.

These intimate stories of courage, both heartbreaking and inspiring, shine a light on the progress achieved by nonviolent civil rights activists while also revealing white South Carolinians’ often violent resistance to change. Although significant racial disparities remain, the sacrifices of these brave men and women produced real progress—and hope for the future.

Hosted by Upcountry History Museum

Claudia Smith Brinson, a South Carolina journalist for more than thirty years, has won more than thirty awards, including Knight Ridder’s Award of Excellence and an O. Henry Award for short fiction, and she was a member of the Pulitzer finalist team covering Hurricane Hugo.

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