Published: Mar 1 2003
Size: 5.50 x 7.50
Pages: 201
PAPERBACK: 978-1-57003-498-5

Literary Studies
Understanding Contemporary American Literature
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Understanding Contemporary American Literary Theory

Michael P. Spikes





In this revised edition of Understanding Contemporary American Literary Theory, Michael P. Spikes adds Stanley Fish and Susan Bordo to the critics whose careers, key texts, and central assumptions he discusses in introducing readers to developments in American literary theory during the past thirty-five years. Underscoring the largely heterogeneous mix of strategies and suppositions that these critics, along with Paul de Man, Henry Louis Gates Jr., Edward W. Said, and Stephen Greenblatt, represent, Spikes offers concise analyses of their principal claims and illustrates how their works reflect a range of critical perspectives, from deconstruction, African American studies, and reader-response theory to political criticism, the new historicism, and feminism.

Born in Indianola, Mississippi, Michael P. Spikes is a professor of English at Arkansas State University. He has published critical essays in such journals as Mississippi Quarterly, Philosophy and Literature, and Soundings. Spikes's poetry has appeared in many publications, including Mudfish, Chiron Review, American Tanka, and Writer's Journal. The first edition of Understanding Contemporary American Literary Theory was published in 1997. Spikes lives in State University, Arkansas.

"This book fills the gap between a dictionary of theoretical terms and an introductory monograph on a particular theorist To be clear and concise about a subject that is murky and disparate is difficult, but Spikes succeeds. Moreover, he contributes new ways of looking at central concepts."—Review of Contemporary Fiction

"College-level students of English and literary theory will find this important to understanding the course of modern American literary criticism."—Bookwatch

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