Published: Jul 24 2014
Size: 6 x 9
Pages: 578
PAPERBACK: 978-1-61117-063-4

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Katharine Walton

Or, the Rebel of Dorchester

William Gilmore Simms





Set in September of 1780, Katharine Walton is the third installment of a trilogy that follows The Partisan and Mellichampe in covering the Revolution in South Carolina. While The Partisan and Mellichampe are set in the interior of the Santee and Wateree rivers, Katharine Walton takes the reader to the city of Charleston in 1780-81 to trace the social world of South Carolina under British occupation. The unifying power of Charleston at the center of Katharine Walton: Or, the Rebel of Dorchester contributes to the book's sense of structure and wholeness of purpose. This in addition to a fully realized female title character make Katharine Walton one of Simms's greatest achievements.

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