Published: Oct 1 1989
Size: 5 x 7
Pages: 356
PAPERBACK: 978-0-87249-683-5

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The Logodaedalian's Dictionary of Interesting and Unusual Words

George Stone Saussy





A collection of unusual words defined and used in context from the works of myriad authors

What do wierd and wonderful words such as oology and photic (used by the likes of Nabokov and Beckett, Anthony Burgess and John Fowles) actually mean?

In the past you had to look in the bulkiest, most expensive dictionaries to find out. Now, in this informative and hugely entertaining book, more than 1,300 fascinating words—erotic, poetic and abusive, from abaxial to zoophiliac—are clearly defined (with examples from major writers).

If you're in pursuit of fulgent logodaedaly (dazzling skill with words), you can enrich your incondite (unpolished) prose. Better still, you'll be able to impress your friends with your brilliant vocabulary without making a complete balatron of yourself!

George Stone (Pete) Saussy III has, in addition to compiling, worked as a wine salesman, steelyard supervisor, soft-drink route supervisor, French interpretor for the highway department, health and beauty aids merchandiser, high school teacher, environmental planner, computer instructor, editorial assistant for a geological institute, actor, and had dengue fever in Kathmandu.

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