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Todd Ballantine

A Guide to the Wildflowers of South Carolina, revised and expanded edition

Patrick D. McMillan, Richard D. Porcher, Jr., Douglas A. Rayner, and David B. White

Brookgreen Gardens

Brookgreen Gardens
introduction by Page Hayhurst Kiniry
foreword by Dick Rosen
with contributions by Robin R. Salmon

Sharks in the Shallows

W. Clay Creswell
foreword by Marie Levine

The Southern Wildlife Watcher

Rob Simbeck
foreword by Jim Casada

Carolina Bays

Robert C. Clark and Tom Poland
foreword by Stephen H. Bennett

In Dogs We Trust

edited by Jacob F. Rivers III and Jeffrey Makala

The Reptiles of South Carolina

Jeffrey D. Camper
foreword by J. Whitfield Gibbons

Hunting and the Ivory Tower

edited by Douglas Higbee and David Bruzina
foreword by Robert Demott


Louisa Pringle Cameron
foreword by Joseph P. Riley Jr.

Exploring the Southern Appalachian Grassy Balds

Amy Duernberger

Taking Root

edited by James Everett Kibler, Jr.
foreword by Wendell Berry

Bird Dog Days, Wingshooting Ways

edited by Jim Casada
Archibald Rutledge


Tilda Balsley
illustrated by Monica Wyrick

Viewing the Future in the Past

edited by H. Thomas Foster II, Lisa M. Paciulli, and David J. Goldstein

What Is a Garden?

W. S. Merwin
photographs by Larry Cameron


Delores B. Nevils
illustrated by Jonathan Green

On the Waters of the Wissahickon

Eric Plaag

The Doom of Ravenswood

Archibald Rutledge
introduction by Jim Casada
afterword by Charles W. Waring III
illustrated by Stephen Chesley

The Geography of South Carolina

William Gilmore Simms
introduction by Sean R. Busick

Daffodils in American Gardens, 1733-1940

Sara L. Van Beck

Readings in Wood

John Leland

A Life Afield

A. Hunter Smith
foreword by Ellison D. Smith IV

Early Southern Sports and Sportsmen, 1830-1910

Jacob F. Rivers III

Stories of a Life Afield

A. Hunter Smith


Dana Beach

Riverbanks Zoo and Garden

Palmer "Satch" Krantz and Monique Blanchette Jacobs
foreword by Jim Maddy

Painting the Landscape with Fire

Den Latham
foreword by Shibu Jose

Tideland Treasure, Expanded Edition

Todd Ballantine

A Delicate Balance

Angela C. Halfacre
foreword by Cynthia Barnett

The Private Gardens of Charleston

Louisa Pringle Cameron

The Secret Gardens of Charleston

edited by Kwame Dawes
foreword by Marjory Wentworth

A Grand Tour of Gardens

Anne Sinkler Whaley LeClercq

New Deal, New Landscape

Tara Mitchell Mielnik

Discovering South Carolina's Rock Art

Tommy Charles

Altered Environments

Jeffrey Pompe
photographs by Kathleen Pompe

Charleston Gardens and the Landscape Legacy of Loutrel Briggs

James R. Cothran

Aliens in the Backyard

John Leland

A Southern Sportsman

edited by Ben McC. Moise
foreword by Jim Casada

The Boykin Spaniel

Mike Creel and Lynn Kelley

Freshwater Fishes of South Carolina

Fred C. Rohde, Rudolf G. Arndt, Jeffrey W. Foltz, and Joseph M. Quattro

Gardening Notes for South Carolina, second edition

The Columbia Garden Club

Ramblings of a Lowcountry Game Warden

Ben McC. Moise
foreword by Lloyd Newberry

Baroness of Hobcaw

Mary E. Miller

Wild Orchids Of South Carolina

James Alexander Fowler
introduction by Paul Martin Brown

Gardens and Historic Plants of the Antebellum South

James R. Cothran

The Dolphins of Hilton Head

Cara M. Gubbins

Sunrise on the Santee

Julius M., Jr. Reynolds

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