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Activist Literacies

Jennifer Nish

The Democratic Ethos

A. Freya Thimsen

Enduring Shame

Heather Brook Adams

Vernacular Voices, second edition

Gerard A. Hauser
new foreword by Phaedra C. Pezzullo

On Fire

edited by Sean Patrick O'Rourke and Lesli K. Pace

Like Wildfire

edited by Sean Patrick O'Rourke and Lesli K. Pace

Queering Romantic Engagement in the Postal Age

Pamela VanHaitsma

Market Affect and the Rhetoric of Political Economic Debates

Catherine Chaput

Diagnosing Madness

Christina Hanganu-Bresch and Carol Berkenkotter

Rhetorical Unconsciousness and Political Psychoanalysis

M. Lane Bruner

Remembering Women Differently

edited by Lynée Lewis Gaillet and Helen Gaillet Bailey

Kenneth Burke's Permanence and Change

Ann George

Children's Biographies of African American Women

Sara C. Vanderhaagen

Editorial Bodies

Michele Kennerly

The Interruption That We Are

Michael J. Hyde

Introducing Science through Images

Maria E. Gigante

The Keys of Power

Nathan Crick

Logos without Rhetoric

edited by Robin Reames
afterword by Edward Schiappa

The Rhetoric of Mao Zedong

Xing Lu

Textual Curation

Krista Kennedy

Queerly Remembered

Thomas R. Dunn

The Ides of War

Stephen Howard Browne

Rhetoric of the Chinese Cultural Revolution

Xing Lu

The Press and Slavery in America, 1791-1859

Brian Gabrial

Assembling Arguments

Jonathan Buehl

Double-Consciousness and the Rhetoric of Barack Obama

Robert E. Terrill

The Effects of Rhetoric and the Rhetoric of Effects

edited by Amos Kiewe and Davis W. Houck

Popular Memories

Ekaterina V. Haskins

Rhetoric and Power

Nathan Crick

Rhetorical Touch

Shannon Walters

You Can't Padlock an Idea

Stephen A. Schneider

Trained Capacities

edited by Brian Jackson and Gregory Clark

A City of Marble

Kathleen S. Lamp

Figuring Style

Nancy L. Christiansen

Burke in the Archives

edited by Dana Anderson and Jessica Enoch

Tell It Like It Is

Mary E. Triece

Breast or Bottle?

Amy Koerber

The Public Work of Rhetoric

edited by John M. Ackerman and David J. Coogan
foreword by Gerard A. Hauser

The Genuine Teachers of This Art

Jeffrey Walker

Rhetorics and Technologies

edited by Stuart A. Selber
foreword by Carolyn R. Miller

Reason's Dark Champions

Christopher W. Tindale

Speaking Hermeneutically

John Arthos

Managing Vulnerability

Richard C. Marback

Prisoners of Conscience

Gerard A. Hauser

Moving Bodies

Debra Hawhee

Battle Exhortation

Keith Yellin

Rhetoric in Ancient China, Fifth to Third Century B.C.E

Xing Lu

The Cultural Economy of Falun Gong in China

Xiao Ming

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