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Writing South Carolina, Volume 4

edited by Aïda Rogers and Steven Lynn

The Lady of Cofitachequi

Kate Salley Palmer
illustrated by James H. Palmer, Jr.

The Sea Island's Secret

Susan Diamond Riley

Fire and Forgiveness

Martha Dunsky
illustrated by Monica Wyrick

Art Smart, Science Detective

Melinda Long
Illustrated by Monica Wyrick

Writing South Carolina, Volume 3

edited by Aïda Rogers and Steven Lynn
foreword by Mary Alice Monroe

Three Wild Pigs

Lisa Anne Cullen

Poppy's Pants

Melissa Conroy

Little Orange Honey Hood

Lisa Anne Cullen

The Freedom Ship of Robert Smalls

Louise Meriwether
illustrated by Jonathan Green

The H. L. Hunley Submarine

Fran Hawk
illustrated by Monica Wyrick

Dreaming with Animals

L. Kerr Dunn
illustrated by Monica Wyrick
foreword by Robin R. Salmon

Writing South Carolina, Volume 2

edited by Aïda Rogers and Steven Lynn
foreword by Marjory Wentworth


Tilda Balsley
illustrated by Monica Wyrick


Delores B. Nevils
illustrated by Jonathan Green

Nipper of Drayton Hall

Amey Lewis
illustrated by Gerry McElroy
foreword by Stephanie Meeks

Kirby's Journal

Charlotte Caldwell

The Shark's Tooth

Ron Rash
illustrated by Cecile L. K. Martin
afterword by Mary Alice Monroe

Writing South Carolina, Volume 1

edited by Steven Lynn and Aïda Rogers
foreword by Pat Conroy

Katie's Cabbage

Katie Stagliano
with Michelle H. Martin
illustrated by Karen Heid
foreword by Patricia Moore-Pastides

The Last Sister

Courtney McKinney-Whitaker

AIDS in the End Zone

edited by Kendra S. Albright and Karen W. Gavigan
illustrated by Sarah Petrulis

First, You Explore

Rachel Haynie
illustrated by Trahern Cook

Fragments of the Ark

Louise Meriwether

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