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The Doctor to the Dead

John Bennett
introduction by Julia Eichelberger

The Haunted South

Nancy Roberts

North Carolina Ghosts and Legends

Nancy Roberts

Ghosts of the Southern Mountains and Appalachia

Nancy Roberts

South Carolina Ghosts

Nancy Roberts

Ghosts of the Carolinas

Nancy Roberts

Civil War Ghost Stories and Legends

Nancy Roberts

Decorations in a Ruined Cemetery

John Gregory Brown

The Vain Conversation

Anthony Grooms
foreword by Clarence Major
afterword by T. Geronimo Johnson

When Nighttime Shadows Fall

Diane Michael Cantor

The Cage-maker

Nicole Seitz
foreword by Cassandra King Conroy

The Ex-suicide

Katherine Clark


Clyde Edgerton

The Floatplane Notebooks

Clyde Edgerton

One Good Mama Bone

Bren McClain
foreword by Mary Alice Monroe

Messenger from Mystery

Deno Trakas
foreword by Elizabeth Cox

Familiar Ground

Elizabeth Cox

A Question of Mercy

Elizabeth Cox
foreword by Jill McCorkle

The Harvard Bride

Katherine Clark

Family Men

Steve Yarbrough

The Egret's Plumes

Archibald Rutledge
introduction by James A. Casada
foreword by Jacob F. Rivers III
illustrated by Stephen Chesley

In the Land of Dreamy Dreams

Ellen Gilchrist

The Final Days of Great American Shopping

Gilbert Allen

All the Governor's Men

Katherine Clark

East Liberty

Joseph Bathanti
foreword by Fred Gardaphé

The Time the Waters Rose

Paul Ruffin

The Cigar Factory

Michele Moore
foreword by Pat Conroy

The Stone Necklace

Carla Damron
foreword by Patti Callahan Henry

Untying the Moon

Ellen Malphrus
foreword by Pat Conroy

Walk Me to the Distance

Percival Everett

The Headmaster's Darlings

Katherine Clark
foreword by Pat Conroy

Jacob Jump

Eric Morris
foreword by Pat Conroy

A Clear View of the Southern Sky

Mary Hood
foreword by Pat Conroy


Pam Durban
foreword by Mary Hood

The Doom of Ravenswood

Archibald Rutledge
introduction by Jim Casada
afterword by Charles W. Waring III
illustrated by Stephen Chesley

Three Little Love Stories

Pam Durban

A Dream of Kings

Harry Mark Petrakis
foreword by Dan Georgakas

The Hard to Catch Mercy

William Baldwin

Seam Busters

Mary Hood

Fate Moreland's Widow

John Lane
foreword by Wiley Cash

The Night the New Jesus Fell to Earth

Ron Rash

The Life of the World to Come

Joseph Bathanti

The Cow-Hunter

Charles Hudson

The Last Sister

Courtney McKinney-Whitaker

A Gentleman in Charleston and the Manner of His Death

William Bladwin

The Sheltering

Mark Powell
foreword by Pat Conroy

Famous all over Town

Bernie Schein
foreword by Janis Owens

By the Red Glare

John Mark Sibley-Jones
foreword by Marion B. Lucas

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