Author Tom Poland Talks about Mysterious Carolina Bays

October 1, 2020 | by scpress

There is a strange beauty at the heart of every mystery, and the mystery of the Carolina Bays is an enigma that is lushly, uniquely beautiful. How did these odd geomorphological features come to be formed in the landscape in the first place, with their uniform shapes and matching elliptical orientations scattered across the Carolinas? Why are these inland phenomena even called "bays?"

Tom Poland talked to Matt Steinmetz from the Lexington Country Public Library about these mysterious, ecological wonders, full of all manner of amphibians and reptiles, insects and birds, wildlife and plant—many of them exotic and rare.

Watch the full video:
Learn more about Carolina Bays:
Buy the book: Carolina Bays: Wild, Mysterious, and Majestic Landforms by Tom Poland and Robert C. Clark

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