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Carolina Voices

Two Hundred Years of Student Experiences

edited by Carolyn B. Matalene and Katherine C. Reynolds

Published: Oct 1 2001






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Glimpses into student life at the University of South Carolina from 1801 to the present

In celebration of the University of South Carolina's bicentennial, this remarkable volume reveals the personal stories of Carolina students over the past two hundred years. Told in their own words, these writings—from antebellum manuscripts to e-mails—capture the color and spirit of the times, revealing attitudes and opinions, issues and passions. From those first young boys chopping wood to warm their rooms, to today's young men and women surrounded by the latest technology and wired to the world, the voices of Carolina's students testify to the transforming power of the college experience. To gather this collection of texts from 1801 to the present, the editors searched family papers, collections of letters, university archives, autobiographies and histories, journals and diaries, student newspapers and literary magazines, and oral histories.

In this volume students share their own versions of the University of South Carolina story—explaining their activities, voicing their opinions, cheering their teams, and sometimes writing home from far away. Some of their concerns have changed; twenty-first century students worry more about parking tickets and phone bills than the price of fuel or the threat of smallpox. Throughout the years, however, each generation weaves tales of living conditions and classroom practices within the context of larger historical events. In their letters and diaries, poems and memoirs, editorials and e-mails, students illustrate a colorful picture of campus history and evoke the important events of their time. Their words provide intimate illustrations of life on and around the campus as they reveal the rich history of the University of South Carolina.

Carolyn B. Matalene is a professor in the English department at the University of South Carolina specializing in composition and rhetoric. Her research appears in Worlds of Writing, Professional Writing in Context, Telling Stories/Taking Risks, and numerous journals. She was the 1998 recipient of the University of South Carolina's Amoco Outstanding Teaching Award.

Katherine C. Reynolds is an associate professor in the College of Education at the University of South Carolina, with teaching and research emphases in higher education history and policies. She is the author of Visions and Vanities: John Andrew Rice of Black Mountain College as well as numerous articles and chapters about the history and philosophy of education. Both editors live in Columbia.

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