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The Words and Wares of David Drake

edited by Jill Beute Koverman and Jane Przybysz

Carolina's Lost Colony

Peter N. Moore

From Educational Experiment to Standard Bearer

edited by Daniel B. Friedman, Tracy L. Skipper, and Catherine S. Greene
foreword by John N. Gardner

How to Become an American

Daniel Wolff

Charleston to Phnom Penh

John Martin Taylor

Charleston Renaissance Man

Ralph C. Muldrow
foreword by Witold Rybczynski

A Guide to the Wildflowers of South Carolina, revised and expanded edition

Patrick D. McMillan, Richard D. Porcher, Jr., Douglas A. Rayner, and David B. White

African American Life in South Carolina's Upper Piedmont, 1780-1900, second edition

W. J. Megginson
foreword by Orville Vernon Burton

University of South Carolina in Focus

Chris Horn

The Charleston Museum

Carl P. Borick

Beatrice's Ledger

Ruth R. Martin
with Vivian B. Martin

Row Upon Row, fourth edition

Dale Rosengarten and McKissick Museum
preface by Jane Przybysz

The Man Who Started the Civil War

Anna Koivusalo

Brookgreen Gardens

Brookgreen Gardens
introduction by Page Hayhurst Kiniry
foreword by Dick Rosen
with contributions by Robin R. Salmon


Judy Goldman

Only Wanna Be with You

Tim Sommer

Struggling to Learn

June Manning Thomas

Empowering Communities

Lacy K. Ford and Jared Bailey
foreword by James E. Clyburn

Invisible No More

edited by Robert Greene II and Tyler D. Parry
foreword by Valinda W. Littlefield
afterword by Henrie Monteith Treadwell

Taste the State

Kevin Mitchell and David S. Shields

101 People and Places That Shaped the American Revolution in South Carolina

edited by Walter Edgar

Sherman and the Burning of Columbia

Marion B. Lucas
foreword by Anne Sarah Rubin

Gullah Spirituals

Eric Sean Crawford

The Child in the Electric Chair

Eli Faber
foreword by Carol Berkin

Sharks in the Shallows

W. Clay Creswell
foreword by Marie Levine

Two Hundred Years of Charleston Cooking, second edition

Recipes Gathered by Blanche S. Rhett
Edited by Lettie Gay
Introduction and Explanatory Matter by Helen Woodward
Foreword to the 1976 Edition by Elizabeth Hamilton
Foreword to the New Edition by Rebecca Sharpless

The Slow Undoing

Stephen H. Lowe

The South Carolina State House Grounds

Lydia Mattice Brandt
photographs by Chandler Yonkers

The Cheese Biscuit Queen Tells All

Mary Martha Greene

A Short History of Charleston, revised and expanded edition

Robert N. Rosen

A Guidebook to South Carolina Historical Markers

compiled by Edwin Breeden

101 Women Who Shaped South Carolina

edited by Valinda W. Littlefield
foreword by Walter Edgar

Stories of Struggle

Claudia Smith Brinson

A South Carolina Chronology, third edition

edited by Walter Edgar, J. Brent Morris, and C. James Taylor

Black Freedom in the Age of Slavery

John Garrison Marks

101 African Americans Who Shaped South Carolina

edited by Bernard E. Powers, Jr.
foreword by Walter Edgar

Creating the South Caroliniana Library

John M. Bryan

The Shell Builders

Colin Brooker
foreword by Lawrence S. Rowland

Patriots in Exile

James Waring McCrady and C. L. Bragg

Lowcountry at High Tide

Christina Rae Butler

South Carolina at the Brink

Philip G. Grose

Northern Money, Southern Land

edited by Robert B. Cuthbert and Stephen G. Hoffius

The World of Jak Smyrl

Joan A. Inabinet
L. Glen Inabinet

The Grim Years

John J. Navin

Ben Robertson

Jodie Peeler

Meet Me at the Rocket

Rodger E. Stroup
foreword by Walter B. Edgar

The Power of the Plan

Richard F. Galehouse
foreword by Patrick Phillips

Richardson-Sinkler Connections

edited by Harriet Clare Sinkler Little

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