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From Educational Experiment to Standard Bearer

University 101 at the University of South Carolina

edited by Daniel B. Friedman, Tracy L. Skipper, and Catherine S. Greene

Published: Nov 29 2022


Published: Nov 29 2022


Published: Nov 29 2022

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Published: Nov 29 2022


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An exploration of the University of South Carolina's trailblazing approach to the first-year experience

As an innovative educational experiment, University 101 was designed to support students' transition to and success in college. Now, fifty years after its inception, the program continues to bring national recognition to the University of South Carolina. From Educational Experiment to Standard Bearer celebrates this milestone by exploring the course's origins; its evolution and success at the university; its impact on first-year students, upper-level students serving as peer leaders, faculty and staff instructors, and the university community and culture; and its role in launching the international first-year experience movement.

By highlighting the most significant takeaways, lessons learned, and insights to practitioners on other campuses, this book will serve as an inspiration and road map for other institutions to invest in this proven concept and focus on the ingredients that lead to a successful program. John N. Gardner, founding director and architect of University 101, provides a foreword.

Daniel B. Friedman is executive director of University 101 Programs and affiliate faculty in the Higher Education and Student Affairs program at the University of South Carolina.

Tracy L. Skipper is an editor, writer, and student success scholar.

Catherine S. Greene is responsible for the University 101 Program's campus partnerships.

"An inspiring history of how a campus envisioned and executed a truly student-centered course that galvanized the whole campus community to provide students with a holistic, inclusive, and personally validating first-year experience. The practices and principles underlying UNIV 101's well-documented impact should be intentionally incorporated into all first-year seminar models."—Joe Cuseo, Professor Emeritus, Psychology, Marymount California University

"From Educational Experiment to Standard Bearer [addresses] not only the history of the University 101 course at the University of South Carolina but also the ingredients that made this remarkable experiment such a success. Anyone associated with first-year seminars will find rich resources within these pages for creating an effective and enduring program based on the principles that the authors have so carefully researched and documented."—Laurie A. Schreiner, Professor of Higher Education, Azusa Pacific University

"[Reading From Educational Experiment to Standard Bearer] takes me back to my days as a first-generation student trying tonavigate a foreign land to hopefully a successful destination. It also takes me back to my early days as a professor . . . when I promised myself and my students I would help them to not have such a new immigrant experience. Friedman and his co-contributors do a wonderful job of not only telling the University of South Carolina's ground-breaking history of organizing a holistic course and designing a foundational experience for new students, they also lay out how visionary leaders thought about transforming student learning. . . . We know the role UofSC has played in the first-year movement. [This book] provides a roadmap for those that have not yet joined the movement.""—Aaron Thompson, President of the Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education

"As a key social movement in higher education, University 101 changed the way colleges and universities welcome new students, resulting in greater academic achievement and higher first-to-second-year persistence rates. From Educational Experiment to Standard Bearer commemorates fifty years of the transformative first-year seminar model by recounting its rich history and revealing its masterplan, while looking to the future by encouraging innovation about what is still needed to help new students transition into and through their undergraduate education"—Jillian Kinzie, Interim Co-Director, National Survey of Student Engagement, Indiana University Center for Postsecondary Research

"Above all, this monograph makes a compelling case for the efficacy of intentional orientation seminars and first-year programs at institutions of higher education. [. . .] From Educational Experiment to Standard Bearer: University 101 at the University of South Carolina is a worthy addition to the literature for scholars of higher education and an exceptional resource for student affairs practitioners and campus administrators."—College and Research Libraries

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