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"Our Country First, Then Greenville"

A New South City during the Progressive Era and World War I

Courtney L. Tollison Hartness

Published: Jul 20 2023


Published: Jul 20 2023


Published: Jul 20 2023

Places Greenville's experience during World War I within the context of the progressive era to better understand the rise of this New South city

Greenville, South Carolina has become an attractive destination, frequently included in lists of the "Best Small Cities" in America. While Greenville's twenty-first-century Renaissance has been impressive, in "Our Country First, Then Greenville," Courtney L. Tollison Hartness explores an earlier period, revealing how Greenville's experience during World War I served to generate massive development in the city and the region. It was this moment that catalyzed Greenville's development into a modern city, setting the stage for the continued growth that persists into the present-day.

"Our Country First, Then Greenville" explores Greenville's home-front experience of race relations, dramatic population growth (the number of Greenville residents nearly tripled between 1900 and 1930s), the women's suffrage movement, and the contributions of African Americans and women to Greenville's history. This important work features photos of Greenville, found in archival collections throughout the country and dating back over one hundred years.

Courtney L. Tollison Hartness is Distinguished University Public Historian and Scholar at Furman University.

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