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Rob Simbeck Shines Light On Wildlife All Around Us in The Southern Wildlife Watcher

November 5, 2020 | by scpress

Rob Simbeck, author of The Southern Wildlife Watcher, tells Eric Douglas of West Virginia Public Broadcasting, “I think, too often, we are prone to think of the outdoors as something special that you've got to drive somewhere to see. And that the wildlife really worth paying attention to is the bald eagle, or to see dolphins when you're at the beach, or to catch a glimpse of a bobcat or something—which we hardly ever do.

For me, the thing that's special about the natural world is that it's all around us all the time. We as humans, are set in the midst of a natural world with too many things that we can take for granted. And one of the overriding purposes for the book is just to make us appreciate that and to see what responsibility we have as wildlife watchers to respect what is around us.”

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