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Literary Studies
Memoir & Biography
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Some Sort of Epic Grandeur, second edition

The Life of F. Scott Fitzgerald

second edition

Matthew J. Bruccoli

Published: Jul 1 2002






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The standard work on Fitzgerald, revised, enlarged, and updated

Since its first publication in 1981, Some Sort of Epic Grandeur has stood apart from other biographies of F. Scott Fitzgerald for its thoroughness and volume of information. It is regarded today as the basic work on Fitzgerald and the preeminent source for the study of the novelist. In this second revised edition, Matthew J. Bruccoli provides new evidence discovered since its original edition. This new edition of Some Sort of Epic Grandeur improves, augments, and updates the standard biography of F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Matthew J. Bruccoli (1931–2008) was the Emily Brown Jefferies Distinguished Professor Emeritus of English at the University of South Carolina and the leading authority on the House of Scribner and its authors. He was the editorial director of the Dictionary of Literary Biography and the author or editor of some one hundred books.

"Matthew J. Bruccoli is always able to look through the events themselves to the essential fact about Fitzgerald: his existence as an artist, and not only to how it came about, but what it came to. Some Sort of Epic Grandeur is exactly what Fitzgerald had. It is a perfect title for this book, for the grandeur is there, in the struggle to create memorable work. I fully expect that this will be the indispensable biography of a very great American writer, for the spirit of the man is in the facts, and these, as gathered and marshalled by Bruccoli over 30 years, are all we will ever need. But more important, they are what we need."—James Dickey

"Impeccably researched . . . both comprehensive and judicious... Bruccoli brings Fitzgerald vividily alive."—Newsweek

"This masterpiece contains exactly what we need to know about this dazzling figure."—Publishers Weekly

"It is difficult to imagine any work on Fitzgerald and his literary product that will supplant this one."—The New Yorker

"Indispensable and definitive."—The Times Literary Supplement

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