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Finding Francis

Elizabeth J. West

How to Become an American

Daniel Wolff

Charleston to Phnom Penh

John Martin Taylor
foreword by Jessica B. Harris

What the Eyes Can't See

Margaret Edds

Charleston Renaissance Man

Ralph C. Muldrow
foreword by Witold Rybczynski

Beatrice's Ledger

Ruth R. Martin
with Vivian B. Martin


Judy Goldman

Only Wanna Be with You

Tim Sommer

Struggling to Learn

June Manning Thomas

In the Service of God and Humanity

Tunde Adeleke

White Lawyer, Black Power

Donald A. Jelinek
foreword by John Dittmer

The Butler's Child

Lewis M. Steel
with Beau Friedlander

Harry Potter and Beyond

Tison Pugh

South Carolina at the Brink

Philip G. Grose

Bodily Evidence

Geneva Cobb Moore

Ben Robertson

Jodie Peeler

A Dream and a Chisel

Angela Gregory and Nancy L. Penrose

Order and Ardor

Eric C. Smith
foreword by Thomas S. Kidd

Giving Voice to Traditional Songs

Jean Redpath
with Mark Brownrigg

Sanctifying Slavery and Politics in South Carolina

Fred E Witzig

Livio Orazio Valentini

Robert E Alexander and John A. Elliott
with Erika Pauli Bizzarri

My Exaggerated Life

with Katherine Clark

The Damned Don't Cry - They Just Disappear

Harlan Greene

My Ghost Has a Name

Rosalyn Rossignol

My Tour through the Asylum

William E. Dufford
with Aïda Rogers and Salley McInerney
foreword by Pat Conroy

Proust and His Banker

Gian Balsamo

Hemingway's Brain

Andrew Farah

Duck and Cover

Kathie Farnell

Captain James Carlin

Colin Carlin


edited by Robert H. Brinkmeyer, Jr.

Colonel Henry Theodore Titus

Antonio Rafael de la Cova

Becoming Southern Writers

edited by Orville Vernon Burton and Eldred E. Prince, Jr.

Focus on Playwrights

Susan Johann
introduction by Alexandra C. Anderson

Wil Lou Gray

Mary Macdonald Ogden

Madam Chief Justice

edited by W. Lewis Burke, Jr. and Joan P. Assey
foreword by Sandra Day O’Connor
introduction by Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Conversations with the Conroys

edited by Walter B. Edgar
afterword by Nikky Finney

Florida Founder William P. DuVal

James M. Denham

A Yankee Scholar in Coastal South Carolina

edited by James Robert Hester

Belvidere, commemorative edition

Anne Sinkler Fishburne
introduction by Anne Sinkler Whaley LeClercq

Heaven Is a Beautiful Place, second edition

Genevieve C. Peterkin
foreword by Lee G. Brockington
afterword by William P. Baldwin

Patrick N. Lynch, 1817-1882

David C. R. Heisser and Stephen J. White, Sr.

Song of My Life

Harry Mark Petrakis

Stories of a Life Afield

A. Hunter Smith

I Came Out of the Eighteenth Century

John Andrew Rice
introduction by Mark Bauerlein
afterword by William Craig Rice

South Carolina Fire-Eater

Holt Merchant

Asylum Doctor

Charles S. Bryan

Phoning Home

Jacob M. Appel

Blessed Experiences

James E. Clyburn
foreword by Alfre Woodard

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