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The History of South Carolina

From Its First European Discovery to Its Erection into a Republic

William Gilmore Simms

Published: Apr 21 2015






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The History of South Carolina strives to educate South Carolinian youth in the vibrant history of the state and the distinguished accomplishments of its leaders. In this book, Simms provides an historical account of South Carolina and notable South Carolinians. Across the various editions, Simms's book presents two main lessons to its readers: first, that South Carolinians should depend on native leadership in times of crisis, and second, that a united front against external threats is necessary at all times. While The History paints a broad picture of the European settlement of South Carolina, the Revolution figures as the most prominent, and most lengthy, section in all three editions. In Simms's presentation, the American Revolution is the central and transformative moment of South Carolina's history.

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