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The New South Carolina Cookbook

S C Family & Community Leaders

Published: Apr 1 1997






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Quintessential southern cooking, with more than 300 new recipes designed for today's hurried, health-conscious lifestyle

From shrimp-okra gumbo to peach crepes, The New South Carolina Cookbook serves up a feast of Palmetto State favorites. A standard reference for the South Carolina kitchen since its initial publication in 1953, the cookbook has been reprinted nine times and now appears in a greatly updated and expanded edition. On its pages some of the most accomplished cooks in the state share prized family recipes. Their diversity of cooking expertise makes the book a culinary composite of South Carolina, from the Blue Ridge Mountains to the Atlantic Ocean.

Tested for accuracy and taste and analyzed for nutritional content, the collection's more than 580 recipes range from elementary to ambitious. The cookbook features dishes suitable for crowds, selections that are low in fat, and foods long associated with the Palmetto State, including red beans and rice, fresh corn chowder, and pecan pie. A new chapter explains how to alter recipes and make substitutions that reduce fat, calories, cholesterol, and sodium.

"The most striking feature of this latest edition is the ready sensation it gives of new ideas for basic standbys. Those tiresome old presentations for basic vegetables can be discarded for one of the many scrumptious-looking preparations given here. The only way to become an accomplished cook is to practice, and this novice-friendly guide would make an ideal gift for a shower, a housewarming or those ubiquitous upcoming weddings. Also, it's refreshing to see the University of South Carolina Press publish a book that is not only reasonably priced, but that everyone can enjoy."—The State

"This one captures the essence of fine southern cooking with 580 tested recipes Don't miss it!"—The Cookbook Collector

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