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Struggling to Learn

June Manning Thomas

Hosea Williams

Rolundus R. Rice
foreword by Andrew Young

Understanding Alice Walker

Thadious M. Davis

The Child in the Electric Chair

Eli Faber
foreword by Carol Berkin

The Slow Undoing

Stephen H. Lowe

The South Carolina State House Grounds

Lydia Mattice Brandt
photographs by Chandler Yonkers

A Guidebook to South Carolina Historical Markers

compiled by Edwin Breeden

On Fire

edited by Sean Patrick O'Rourke and Lesli K. Pace

Monumental Harm

Roger C. Hartley

White Lawyer, Black Power

Donald A. Jelinek
foreword by John Dittmer

Stories of Struggle

Claudia Smith Brinson

The Butler's Child

Lewis M. Steel
with Beau Friedlander

South Carolina at the Brink

Philip G. Grose

Like Wildfire

edited by Sean Patrick O'Rourke and Lesli K. Pace

Howard Thurman

Kipton E. Jensen

Smoke Signals from Samarcand

Barbara Bennett

My Tour through the Asylum

William E. Dufford
with Aïda Rogers and Salley McInerney
foreword by Pat Conroy

Champions of Civil and Human Rights in South Carolina, Volume 1

edited by Marvin Ira Lare

New Politics in the Old South

David T. Ballantyne

Queerly Remembered

Thomas R. Dunn

Blessed Experiences

James E. Clyburn
foreword by Alfre Woodard

Shrill Hurrahs

Kate Cote Gillin

Controversy and Hope

Julian Cox
with Rebekah Jacob and Monica Karales
foreword by Andrew Young, Jr.

Tell It Like It Is

Mary E. Triece

Dawn of Desegregation

Ophelia De Laine Gona

The Magnificent Mays

John Herbert Roper, Sr.

Blood and Bone

Jack Shuler

Toward the Meeting of the Waters

edited by Winfred B. Moore, Jr. and Orville Vernon Burton

Paths to Freedom

edited by Rosemary Brana-Shute and Randy J. Sparks

State of Rebellion

Richard Zuczek

Women of Conscience

edited by Donald A. Yerxa

Witness to the Truth

John H. Scott with Cleo Scott Brown

Blackways of Kent

Hylan Lewis
introduction by John Shelton Reed and John H Stanfield II

The Dream Long Deferred, third edition

Frye Gaillard

Brick Walls

Thomas E. Truitt

Paradoxes of Desegregation

R. Scott Baker

Standing On Holy Ground

Sandra E. Johnson

At Freedom's Door

edited by James Lowell Underwood and W. Lewis Burke, Jr.
introduction by Eric Foner

Matthew J. Perry

edited by W. Lewis Burke and Belinda F. Gergel
introduction by Randall L. Kennedy

Against the Tide

Harriet Keyserling
foreword by Richard W. Riley

Rally 'Round the Flag, Boys

K. Michael Prince

Black and White in the Southern States

Maurice S. Evans and George M. Frederickson

Liberty and Slavery

William J. Cooper, Jr.

Crossing the Color Line

edited by Suzanne W. Jones

Lincoln and Black Freedom

LaWanda Cox
foreword by James M. McPherson

When I Can Read My Title Clear

Alan M. Rugman

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