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Gender and Sexuality in Indigenous North America, 1400-1850, second edition

edited by Sandra Slater and Fay A. Yarbrough

Activist Literacies

Jennifer Nish

Enduring Shame

Heather Brook Adams

Live at Jackson Station

Daniel M. Harrison

101 Women Who Shaped South Carolina

edited by Valinda W. Littlefield
foreword by Walter Edgar

Crossings and Encounters

edited by Laura R. Prieto and Stephen R. Berry
foreword by Sandra Slater

Queering Romantic Engagement in the Postal Age

Pamela VanHaitsma

Remembering Women Differently

edited by Lynée Lewis Gaillet and Helen Gaillet Bailey

Understanding Randall Kenan

James A. Crank

Charleston Belles Abroad

Candace Bailey

Southern Women in the Progressive Era

edited by Giselle Roberts and Melissa A. Walker
foreword by Marjorie J. Spruill

Children's Biographies of African American Women

Sara C. Vanderhaagen

Central to Their Lives

edited by Lynne Blackman
foreword by Sylvia Yount

Single, White, Slaveholding Women in the Nineteenth-Century American South

Marie S. Molloy

The Damned Don't Cry - They Just Disappear

Harlan Greene

Southern Perspectives on the Queer Movement

edited by Sheila R. Morris
foreword by Harlan Greene

Maternal Metaphors of Power in African American Women's Literature

Geneva Cobb Moore
foreword by Andrew Billingsley

Queerly Remembered

Thomas R. Dunn

Mamas of Dada

Paula K. Kamenish

Partners of Zaynab

Diane D’Souza

A Study of Scarletts

Margaret D. Bauer

A Southern Girl

John Warley
foreword by Therese Anne Fowler

Notes from a Colored Girl

Karsonya Wise Whitehead

Shrill Hurrahs

Kate Cote Gillin

Tell It Like It Is

Mary E. Triece

A New Southern Woman

edited by Giselle Roberts

Down Bohicket Road

Mary Whyte
foreword by Angela D. Mack

History & Women, Culture & Faith, Volume 5

edited by Rebecca Fox and Robert L. Paquette

History & Women, Culture & Faith, Volume 4

edited by Ann Hartle and Sheila O'Connor-Ambrose
foreword by Mark A. Noll

History & Women, Culture & Faith, Volume 3

edited by David Moltke-Hansen
foreword by Thomas L. Pangle

Gender and Sexuality in Indigenous North America, 1400-1850

edited by Sandra Slater and Fay A. Yarbrough

History & Women, Culture & Faith, Volume 2

edited by Kibibi Mack-Shelton and Christina Bieber Lake
foreword by Mark Bauerlein

History & Women, Culture & Faith, Volume 1

edited by Deborah A. Symonds
foreword by Peter N. Stearns

Before Scarlett

Margaret Mitchell
edited by Jane Eskridge

Women Mystics and Sufi Shrines in India

Kelly Pemberton

Country Women Cope with Hard Times

edited by Melissa A. Walker

Women of Conscience

edited by Donald A. Yerxa

Looking for the New Deal

edited by Elna C. Green

The Presidential Companion, second edition

edited by Robert P. Watson and Anthony J. Eksterowicz

Separate Journeys

edited by Geeta Dharmarajan
introduction by Mary Ellis Gibson

Against the Tide

Harriet Keyserling
foreword by Richard W. Riley

Cultivating a New South

Monica Maria Tetzlaff

A Southern Woman of Letters

edited by Rebecca Grant Sexton

A Southern Woman's Story

Phoebe Yates Pember

Stateside Soldier

Aileen Kilgore Henderson

Ulysses—En-Gendered Perspectives

edited by Kimberly J. Devlin and Marilyn Reizbaum

My Life in E-flat

Chan Parker

Lives of Their Own

Martha Watson

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