Published: Jul 1 1989
Size: 6.50 x 9.75
PAPERBACK: 978-0-87249-622-4

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A Woman Doctor's Civil War

The Diary of Esther Hill Hawks

edited by Gerald Schwartz







A physician, a Northerner, a teacher, a school administrator, a suffragist, and an abolitionist, Esther Hill Hawks was the antithesis of Southern womanhood. And those very differences destined her to chronicle the era in which she played such a strange part

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Gerald Schwartz is a professor of history at Western Carolina University in Cullowhee, North Carolina. A graduate of Mexico City College, Dr. Schwartz holds a Ph.D. from Washington State University. His article, "An Integrated Free School in Civil War Florida," which also concerns the career of Dr. Esther Hill Hawks, appeared in The Florida Historical Quarterly.

"a delightful and valuable addition to the literature of the Civil War and Reconstruction."—Florida Historical Quarterly

"The diary of Esther Hill Hawks increases our knowledge about early Reconstruction efforts and the unique social experiment involving newly freed blacks of the Sea Islands area of the South."—Register of the Kentucky Historical Society

"This volume presents a point of view not normally encountered in Civil War Literature. Those attracted to black history, women's history, or the history of the Civil War along the Southeast coast will find much of interest . . ."—Civil War Book Exchange

"The three volumes of this diary discovered in a pile of trash in Essex County, Massachusetts in 1975 add fresh insights to the conventional military and political treatises on the Civil War."—El Escribano

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