Published: Sep 1 1991
Size: 6.50 x 9.50
PAPERBACK: 978-0-87249-785-6

Fiction & Folklore
Women's & Gender Studies
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Stories of the South by Women Writers

edited by Mary Ellis Gibson





In this lyrical and inspired collection of short stories, these eight writers have explored old and new ways of imagining what a "homeplace" might be. Their writing reflects the changing sense of place and family in the contemporary South.

From the editor's introduction:
"When I began thinking about this anthology and a title... I was drawn to the southern expression 'homeplace.' Echoing in my memory was the voice of my mother during most of my childhood speaking of going 'down home.' And those trips themselves provoked many stories about so-and-so's 'homeplace'—always stories in the past tense, reflecting on the distance the speaker had come from home or the destruction of the world as she or he had known it.... These transformations of home and its meanings are a new source for southern fiction...."

Mary Ellis Gibson is associate professor of English at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

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