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Chief Justiceships of the US Supreme Court

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Matthew J. Bruccoli

David Gleeson, Simon Lewis, and John White

David Gleeson, Simon Lewis, and W. Scott Poole

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Robert H. Brinkmeyer, Jr.

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Carolina Lowcountry and the Atlantic World

This series represents a long-standing publishing partnership between the University of South Carolina Press and the College of Charleston’s Carolina Lowcountry and the Atlantic World Program, from which the series derives its name. Books in the series draw attention to the circulation of people, goods, and ideas throughout the Atlantic World. This research views the land and people who bordered the Atlantic as forming an integrated system, with the vast ocean between them serving as a means of movement and connection—sometimes forced—rather than distance and division. As the series name implies, the editors are particularly interested in work that understands and situates the Carolina Lowcountry as a node within this Atlantic World system, but also welcome manuscripts on Atlantic Studies topics more generally.

Series Editors

  • Simon Lewis, College of Charleston
  • Sandra Slater, College of Charleston
  • John White, College of Charleston

Editorial Board

  • Sir Hilary Beckles, University of the West Indies
  • David Gleeson, University of Northumbria
  • Ahmad Green-Hayes, Northwestern University
  • Jane Landers, Vanderbilt University
  • Sarah Owens, College of Charleston
  • Jennifer Palmer, University of Georgia
  • Edgardo Perez-Morales, University of Southern California–Dornsife
  • Gregory Smithers, Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Assan Sarr, Ohio State University
  • Rebecca Shumway, University of Wisconsin
  • Randy Sparks, Tulane University
  • Michael D. Thompson, University of Tennessee–Chattanooga
  • Andrew Wehrman, Central Michigan University

Proposal Submissions

Authors interested in submitting proposals should review the submission guidelines and contact:

Ehren Foley, USC Press acquisitions editor: or 803-777-9055

Chief Justiceships of the United States Supreme Court

Children's Literature

Civil Rights

Civil War

Cooking & Culinary History

Cultural Frames

Cultural Frames, Framing Culture

Cultural Studies & Sociology

Cultures of Resistance


“Cultures of Resistance” is a new book series in the field of Black Studies that seeks to expand traditional understandings of the forums and mechanisms of activism. It will include an exploration of cultural production and its role in generating, shaping, and sustaining the pursuit of social justice and social change. Books in the series will explore the multiple venues where political action occurs, not just through traditional protest or at the ballot box, but through the art, music, literature, cultural expression, and ideas of ordinary people in struggle.

This interdisciplinary series will include topics from across the humanities. Geographically, series editors are interested in manuscripts that examine cultures of resistance in the United States and all parts of the African Diaspora. The editors are especially interested in work of engaged scholarship that has the potential to reach a broad audience. They are open not only to traditional monographs, but also digital projects and other forms of innovative storytelling. Intersectional perspectives are encouraged.

Series Editors

Courtney R. Baker is an associate professor of English at the University of California, Riverside.

Tyina Steptoe is an associate professor of history at the University of Arizona.

Qiana Whitted is a professor of English and African American studies at the University of South Carolina. 

Proposal Submissions

Authors interested in submitting proposals should review the submission guidelines and contact one of the following:

East-West Encounters in Literature and Cultural Studies

East-West Encounters in Literature and Cultural Studies is a new interdisciplinary and collaborative book series jointly published by National Taiwan University Press and the University of South Carolina Press.

This innovative English-language series focuses on scholarly works in a range of fields, such as language, literature, drama, and cultural studies—including precolonial, colonial, modern, and contemporary East-West contact—and will provide an international forum for cutting-edge research.

The series editors welcome monographs written in English or other languages translated into English. Anthologies of edited essays with a coherent, thematic focus may also be considered.

Suggested topics include but are not limited to the following:

  • Colonial literature in the countries of the Asian-Pacific Rim
  • Globalized encounters in media other than literature (e.g. films and new media)
  • Transpacific or transatlantic cultural or literary routes/roots
  • New cultural identities in literature in neocolonial and global Asia
  • Contacts between Asia and Europe or the Americas, including imaginary encounters of the East in the West
  • Theoretical paradigms of globality, worlding, cosmopolitanism, or innovative paradigms of cultural influences and exchange
  • Convergences and divergences of exile, diaspora, and expatriation in literature/film
  • Asian diasporic writing in the new millennium
  • Cultural translations of Sinophone, Anglophone, Francophone and/or Hispanophone literatures
  • Settlement colonialism and Asia
  • Comparative theater/drama
  • Cross-lingual studies

Series Editors

Paul Allen Miller, Ph.D. is Carolina Distinguished Professor of Classics and Comparative Literature at the University of South Carolina.

Bennett Yu-Hsiang Fu, Ph.D. is a professor in the Department of Foreign Languages & Literatures at National Taiwan University.

Chi-she Li, Ph.D., is a professor in the Department of Foreign Languages & Literatures at National Taiwan University. 

Proposal Submissions

All submissions will be assessed by the series editors and reviewed by anonymous readers. Please send a book prospectus, the author’s CV, and a sample chapter to the series editors. Once the first-stage assessment is completed and positive, the series editors may request a completed manuscript for review. The manuscript should employ the most current MLA format.

For additional information, contact one of the following:


Environmental & Historic Preservation


Fiction & Folklore

First Cookbooks of America


Gift Ideas

Governing the Global Commons


Historians in Conversation

History/African American

Inactive Series

James Dickey Contemporary Poetry Series

Literary Studies


Literature/Fiction & Folklore

Maritime History

Mary Lee Settle Collection

Memoir & Biography

Military History

Movement Rhetoric Rhetoric's Movements

Movement Rhetoric/Rhetoric’s Movements is a new series from the University of South Carolina Press that seeks to deepen our understanding of explicit and implicit arguments and modes of communication by studying past and present social movements through rhetorical frameworks. In an era characterized by the emergence of political, social, and economic movements begun and enacted through digital means, it has become clear that the work of past social movements is not yet done; new social justice and grassroots movements have emerged, linked by their vital and digital urgency. By examining how rhetoric moves, in terms of circulation, uptake, and in relation to how and why individuals, collectives, and institutions are moved, changed, and transformed, we point the way to a more equal and equitable world.

In addition to studies of movements themselves, we welcome analyses of social communicative actions that are driven by corporate and economic interests and of reactionary movements that may help us better understand rhetorical and material impediments to these goals. While the focus of the series will be on rhetorical work that advances the discipline in relation to theory, criticism, and praxis, compelling projects that explore movement rhetoric and/or rhetoric’s movement(s) at the intersections of rhetoric and media studies/new materialism, public relations, communication studies, science/technology, or sociology are also welcome. With this series, UofSC Press looks forward to building on a longstanding reputation in the field of rhetoric and communication and its cross-disciplinary commitment to studies of civil rights and social justice.

Series Editor

Victoria J. Gallagher is a professor in the Department of Communication at North Carolina State University and principal investigator of the Virtual Martin Luther King project.

Series Advisory Board

  • Brigitta Brunner-Johnson, Auburn University
  • Christina V. Cedillo, University of Houston–Clear Lake
  • Patricia Davis, Northeastern University
  • Pat J. Gehrke, University of South Carolina
  • Randy Lake, University of Southern California
  • Keith Miller, Arizona State University
  • Eric King Watts, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Emily Winderman, University of Minnesota

Proposal Submissions

Authors interested in submitting proposals should review the submission guidelines and contact one of the following:

Meet the Series Editor

Watch the series editor Vicki Gallagher provide an overview of our new series, Movement Rhetoric/Rhetoric's Movements.

Music & Theater

New & Noteworthy


Outdoors & Nature

Palmetto Poetry Series



Political Science

Projects of the Simms Initiatives

Psychology, Medicine & Science

Reconstruction Era

Reconstruction Reconsidered

This new book series will explore new directions in the historiography of the Reconstruction era focusing on work that expands on our understanding of the period temporally, geographically, and thematically. The series will seek to publish a rich variety of perspectives and methodologies with the aim of better understanding this complicated and often misunderstood period of our nation’s history. The legacies of Reconstruction continue to shape so many of our contemporary debates about the nature of American citizenship and society, and this series will open a window into both our past and our present.

Having played a central role in the Reconstruction project, South Carolina has helped shape the public memory of the era and preserve its history. Today the state is home to noteworthy landmarks, memorials, and institutes of higher learning that honor the era and support our ever-evolving conversations about race. Beaufort, South Carolina, is home to the Reconstruction Era National Park that was established in 2017, as well as the Institute for the Study of the Reconstruction Era at the University of South Carolina Beaufort. The Press and the series editors will pursue collaborative partnerships with these and other entities to enhance the reach of engaged scholarship that can speak to a diverse audience.

Series Editors

J. Brent Morris is professor of history at Clemson University. His books include Dismal Freedom: A History of the Maroons of the Great Dismal Swamp, and Yes Lord, I Know the Road: A Documentary History of African Americans in South Carolina, 1528–2008.

Hilary N. Green is James B. Duke Professor of Africana Studies at Davidson College and the author of Educational Reconstruction: African American Schools in the Urban South, 1865–1890.

Proposal Submissions

Authors interested in submitting proposals should review the submission guidelines and contact one of the following:

Reference & Guides

Religious Studies

Rhetoric & Communication

Seasonal Catalogs


Social Problems and Social Issues

South Carolina

South Carolina Encyclopedia Guides

South Carolina Poetry Book Prize

Southern Classics

Southern History

Southern Revivals

Story River Books

Studies in American History

Studies in Communication Process

Studies in Comparative Religion

Studies in Industrial Relations

Studies in International Relations

Studies in Maritime History

Studies in Rhetoric & Communication

Studies on Personalities of the New Testament

Studies on Personalities of the Old Testament

Subject Catalogs

The James Dickey Contemporary Poetry Series

Travelogues & Essays

U.S. History

Understanding Contemporary American Literature

The Understanding Contemporary American Literature series was founded by Matthew J. Bruccoli (1931–2008) who envisioned these volumes as guides or companions for students as well as good nonacademic readers, a legacy that continues as new volumes are developed to fill in gaps among the more than 100 series volumes published to date and to embrace a host of new writers only now making their marks on our literature.

As Bruccoli explained, “the word understanding in the titles was chosen deliberately. Many willing readers lack an adequate understanding of how contemporary literature works; that is, of what the author is attempting to express and the means by which it is conveyed.” Aimed at fostering this understanding of good literature and good writers, the criticism and analysis in the series provide instruction in how to read certain contemporary writers—explicating their material, language, structures, themes, and perspectives—and facilitate a more profitable experience of the works under discussion.

In the twenty-first century Bruccoli’s prescience gives us an avenue to publish expert critiques of significant contemporary American writing. The series continues to map the literary landscape and to provide both instruction and enjoyment, with recent additions including Truman Capote, James Baldwin, Maxine Hong Kingston, and Randall Kenan. Future volumes will seek to introduce new voices alongside long-established favorites, to chronicle the changing literature of our times, and to remain, as Bruccoli conceived, contemporary in the best sense of the word.

Series Editor

Linda Wagner-Martin

Founding Series Editor

Matthew J. Bruccoli

Proposal Submissions

Authors interested in submitting proposals should review the submission guidelines and contact one of the following:

Understanding Contemporary British Literature

The Understanding Contemporary British Literature series introduces readers to authors and books that have defined and are defining today’s literary landscape in the United Kingdom and around the world. For scholars, teachers, students, and interested readers, books in the series provide an indispensable birds-eye view of the oeuvre of a single author. They offer much-needed brief and accessible introductions to long-established favorites as well as emerging writers, and in some cases are the first books devoted to their subject, becoming essential resources for researchers at all levels.

Founding Series Editor

Matthew J. Bruccoli

Proposal Submissions 

Authors interested in submitting proposals should review the submission guidelines and contact:

Aurora Bell, USC Press acquisitions editor:, 803-777-4859

Understanding Modern European and Latin American Literature

William Gilmore Simms Initiatives

Women's Diaries and Letters of the South

World History

World Literature

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The Words and Wares of David Drake

edited by Jill Beute Koverman and Jane Przybysz

Paperback: $$34.99
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Charleston Horse Power

Christina Rae Butler

Paperback: $$27.99
Hardcover: $

"Our Country First, Then Greenville"

Courtney L. Tollison Hartness

Paperback: $$34.99
Hardcover: $$104.99

From Barbycu to Barbecue

Joseph R. Haynes

Paperback: $
Hardcover: $$31.99

Adams and Calhoun

William F. Hartford

Paperback: $$34.99
Hardcover: $$104.99

From Chinese Cosmology to English Romanticism

Yu Liu

Paperback: $
Hardcover: $$44.99

The Rhetoric of Outrage

Jeff Rice

Paperback: $$32.99
Hardcover: $$98.99

Liturgy of Change

Elizabeth Ellis Miller

Paperback: $$32.99
Hardcover: $$98.99

The NCAA and the Exploitation of College Profit-Athletes

Richard M. Southall, Mark S. Nagel, Ellen J. Staurowsky, Richard T. Karcher, and Joel G. Maxcy

Paperback: $$34.99
Hardcover: $$104.99

Schooling the Movement

edited by Derrick P. Alridge, Jon N. Hale, and Tondra L. Loder-Jackson

Paperback: $$34.99
Hardcover: $$104.99

Light and Legacies

Janaka Bowman Lewis

Paperback: $$32.99
Hardcover: $$98.99

The Jon Boat Years

Jim Mize

Paperback: $$21.99
Hardcover: $

Understanding Michael S. Harper

Michael Antonucci

Paperback: $$21.99
Hardcover: $$65.99

Understanding Jonathan Franzen

Timothy W. Galow

Paperback: $$21.99
Hardcover: $$65.99

Understanding Sam Shepard, updated edition

James A. Crank

Paperback: $$21.99
Hardcover: $

Understanding David Mamet, updated edition

Brenda Murphy

Paperback: $$21.99
Hardcover: $

Embracing Vocation

Dianne C. Luce

Paperback: $$34.99
Hardcover: $$104.99

How to Become an American

Daniel Wolff

Paperback: $$24.99
Hardcover: $

Finding Francis

Elizabeth J. West

Paperback: $$29.99
Hardcover: $$98.99

Carolina's Lost Colony

Peter N. Moore

Paperback: $$32.99
Hardcover: $$98.99

From Educational Experiment to Standard Bearer

edited by Daniel B. Friedman, Tracy L. Skipper, and Catherine S. Greene

Paperback: $$32.99
Hardcover: $$98.99

Charleston to Phnom Penh

John Martin Taylor

Paperback: $
Hardcover: $$27.99

Gender and Sexuality in Indigenous North America, 1400-1850, updated edition

edited by Sandra Slater and Fay A. Yarbrough

Paperback: $$32.99
Hardcover: $

What the Eyes Can't See

Margaret Edds

Paperback: $
Hardcover: $$29.99


Todd Ballantine

Paperback: $$22.99
Hardcover: $

Charleston Renaissance Man

Ralph C. Muldrow

Paperback: $
Hardcover: $$49.99

A Guide to the Wildflowers of South Carolina, revised and expanded edition

Patrick D. McMillan, Richard D. Porcher, Jr., Douglas A. Rayner, and David B. White

Paperback: $$39.99
Hardcover: $$119.99

Activist Literacies

Jennifer Nish

Paperback: $$32.99
Hardcover: $$98.99

Voices of Our Ancestors

Patricia Causey Nichols

Paperback: $$32.99
Hardcover: $

The Carolina Rice Kitchen, second edition

Karen Hess

Paperback: $$26.99
Hardcover: $

University of South Carolina in Focus

Chris Horn

Paperback: $
Hardcover: $$24.99

The Charleston Museum

Carl P. Borick

Paperback: $
Hardcover: $$34.99

Citizenship on Catfish Row

Geoffrey Galt Harpham

Paperback: $$29.99
Hardcover: $$89.99

Beatrice's Ledger

Ruth R. Martin

Paperback: $
Hardcover: $$29.99

Rural Republican Realignment in the Modern South

M.V. Hood, III and Seth C. McKee

Paperback: $$29.99
Hardcover: $$89.99

Row Upon Row, fourth edition

Dale Rosengarten and McKissick Museum

Paperback: $$18.99
Hardcover: $

The Man Who Started the Civil War

Anna Koivusalo

Paperback: $$29.99
Hardcover: $$89.99

The Democratic Ethos

A. Freya Thimsen

Paperback: $$29.99
Hardcover: $$89.99

The Tao of S

Sheng-mei Ma

Paperback: $
Hardcover: $$39.99

Brookgreen Gardens

Brookgreen Gardens

Paperback: $
Hardcover: $$49.99


Judy Goldman

Paperback: $$19.99
Hardcover: $

A Naturalist's Guide to the Southern Blue Ridge Front

L. L. Gaddy

Paperback: $
Hardcover: $

Enduring Shame

Heather Brook Adams

Paperback: $$29.99
Hardcover: $$89.99

Only Wanna Be with You

Tim Sommer

Paperback: $
Hardcover: $$26.99

Understanding Philip Roth

Matthew A. Shipe

Paperback: $$19.99
Hardcover: $$59.99

Struggling to Learn

June Manning Thomas

Paperback: $
Hardcover: $$29.99

Empowering Communities

Lacy K. Ford and Jared Bailey

Paperback: $$29.99
Hardcover: $

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