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Duck and Cover

Kathie Farnell

Heaven Is a Beautiful Place, second edition

Genevieve C. Peterkin
foreword by Lee G. Brockington
afterword by William P. Baldwin

Captain James Carlin

Colin Carlin

New Politics in the Old South

David T. Ballantyne

A Question of Mercy

Elizabeth Cox
foreword by Jill McCorkle


Tilda Balsley
illustrated by Monica Wyrick

Kirby's Journal

Charlotte Caldwell

South Carolina Fire-Eater

Holt Merchant

Writing South Carolina, Volume 2

Bren Mcclain
foreword by Mary Alice Monroe

Guy Rivers

William Gilmore Simms
introduction by Todd Hagstette

The Stone Necklace

Carla Damron
foreword by Patti Callahan Henry

War Poetry of the South

edited by William Gilmore Simms
introduction by Coleman Hutchison

Understanding Jonathan Coe

Merritt Moseley

Lost Cantos of the Ouroboros Caves, expanded edition

Maggie Schein
foreword by Pat Conroy
illustrated by Jonathan Hannah


Delores B. Nevils
illustrated by Jonathan Green


Archibald Rutledge
introduction by James A. Casada
illustrated by Stephen Chesley
afterword by Ben Mcc. Moise

Jewish Sanctuary in the Atlantic World

Barry L. Stiefel
foreword by David Rittenberg and Samuel D. Gruber

The Last Sister

Courtney McKinney-Whitaker

Hard Lines

edited by Daniel Cross Turner and William Wright

Readings in Wood

John Leland

A Life Afield

A. Hunter Smith
foreword by Ellison D. Smith IV

Three Little Love Stories

Pam Durban

Critical Approaches to Joseph Conrad

Agata Szczeszad-Brewer


Lee Smith

The Partisan

William Gilmore Simms
introduction by David Moltke-Hansen and Dianne Luce Anderson

From the Desk of the Dean

edited by Mary Anne Fitzpatrick and Elizabeth Say
foreword by Sally Mason

Rhetoric and Power

Nathan Crick

Sack and Destruction of the City of Columbia, S.C.

William Gilmore Simms
introduction by Nicholas G. Meriwether

Working on the Dock of the Bay

Michael D. Thompson

Slavery in America and Father Abbott

William Gilmore Simms
introduction by Ehren K. Foley

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