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Siege Train

Warren Ripley

Charleston in Age of the Pinckneys

George C. Rogers, Jr.

When I Can Read My Title Clear

Alan M. Rugman

Tales of the South

William Gilmore Simms and Mary Ann Wimsatt

Foreign Policy Restructuring

Jerel A. Rosati, Joe D. Hagan, and Martin W. Sampson III

George Washington's Beautiful Nelly

Patricia Brady

Understanding Iris Murdoch

edited by Tom Moore Craig
introduction by Melissa A. Walker

The Clam Shell

Mary Lee Settle

North Carolina

introduction by William S. Powell

Monumental Harm

Roger C. Hartley

A South Carolina Album, 1936-1948

Constance B. Schulz

The Sixth Canon

Barbara Warnick

Sherman and the Burning of Columbia

Marion B. Lucas
foreword by Anne Sarah Rubin

Charley Bland

Mary Lee Settle


Mary Lee Settle

Understanding Alice Walker

Thadious M. Davis

Taste the State

Kevin Mitchell and David S. Shields

Understanding Ingeborg Bachmann

Karen R. Achberger

The Making of the Last Prophet

Gordon Darnell Newby

Human Services for Older Adults

Leon Ginsberg and Anita S. Harbert

State of Rebellion

Richard Zuczek

Tales of Whitetails

Archibald Rutledge
edited by Jim Casada

Democracy and International Conflict

James Lee Ray

Understanding Jennifer Egan

Alexander Moran

Error and Angels

Maureen Bloomfield

Iron Afloat

William Still

The Letters of William Gilmore Simms, Volume 2

edited by Mary C. Simms Oliphant and T. C. Duncan Eaves

A Short History of Charleston, revised and expanded edition

Robert N. Rosen

Heaven Is a Beautiful Place, second edition

Genevieve C. Peterkin
foreword by Lee G. Brockington
afterword by William P. Baldwin

Understanding Julian Barnes

Merritt Moseley

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