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When I arrived at the University of South Carolina Press in October 2017 I was struck by three things: the astonishing talents of my new colleagues; the commitment and support of the University of South Carolina administration; and a goldmine of books stretching back over seventy years. I am truly honored to be part of a rich publishing tradition that has brought so much distinction to our state and to the academy. 

These are remarkable times, and we face unprecedented challenges globally and nationally and locally. But it is our task at UofSC Press to illuminate and educate—to throw light on our history and culture and people, and to inspire well-informed conversations that advance knowledge and result in social progress. 

Thank you for visiting our website. Whether you are an author, reader, teacher, student, or with a bookstore, I would love to hear from you—please let me know how we can serve you more effectively. Publishing is a collective enterprise, the result of many minds and many hands, and your ideas are always welcome. 

I wish you well in the months ahead,

Richard Brown   
Director, UofSC Press

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