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On Fire

edited by Sean Patrick O'Rourke and Lesli K. Pace

Live at Jackson Station

Daniel M. Harrison

101 Women Who Shaped South Carolina

edited by Valinda W. Littlefield
foreword by Walter Edgar

Understanding Kate Atkinson

Brian Diemert

The Tar Heel State

Milton Ready

Stories of Struggle

Claudia Smith Brinson

A South Carolina Chronology

edited by Walter Edgar, J. Brent Morris, and C. James Taylor

Understanding David Foster Wallace

Marshall Boswell

101 African Americans Who Shaped South Carolina

edited by Bernard E. Powers, Jr.
foreword by Walter Edgar

Understanding Stewart O'Nan

Heike Paul

Creating the South Caroliniana Library

John M. Bryan

Crossings and Encounters

edited by Laura R. Prieto and Stephen R. Berry
foreword by Sandra Slater

Black Freedom in the Age of Slavery

John Garrison Marks

Understanding Tracy Letts

Thomas Fahy

The Southern Wildlife Watcher

Rob Simbeck
foreword by Jim Casada

Writing War and Reunion

edited by Jeffery J. Rogers

The Shell Builders

Colin Brooker
foreword by Lawrence S. Rowland

The Doctor to the Dead

John H. Bennett, Jr.
introduction by Julia Eichelberger

Stage Money

Tim Donahue and Jim Patterson
foreword by Ken Davenport

Patriots in Exile

James Waring McCrady and C. L. Bragg

Harry Potter and Beyond

Tison Pugh

Understanding Joseph Roth

Sidney Rosenfeld

Lowcountry at High Tide

Christina Rae Butler

Like Wildfire

edited by Sean Patrick O'Rourke and Lesli K. Pace

South Carolina at the Brink

Philip G. Grose

The Atlantic Economy during the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries

edited by Peter A. Coclanis

Bodily Evidence

Geneva Cobb Moore

Northern Money, Southern Land

edited by Robert B. Cuthbert and Stephen G. Hoffius

The World of Jak Smyrl

Joan A. Inabinet
L. Glen Inabinet

Understanding Karen Tei Yamashita

Jolie A. Sheffer

Understanding Alice McDermott

Margaret Hallissy

Understanding William S. Burroughs

Gerald Alva Miller, Jr.

Correct Mispronunciations of South Carolina Names

Claude Neuffer and Irene Neuffer

The Grim Years

John J. Navin

First in the South

H. Gibbs Knotts and Jordan M. Ragusa

Carolina Bays

Robert C. Clark and Tom Poland
foreword by Stephen H. Bennett

Digitalizing the Global Text

edited by Paul Allen Miller

Howard Thurman

Kipton E. Jensen

Ben Robertson

Jodie Peeler

The Gulf of Mexico

John S. Sledge

Meet Me at the Rocket

Rodger E. Stroup
foreword by Walter B. Edgar

We the People

Mary Whyte

South Carolina Ghosts

Nancy Roberts

Ghosts of the Carolinas

Nancy Roberts

Ghosts of the Southern Mountains and Appalachia

Nancy Roberts

The Haunted South

Nancy Roberts

North Carolina Ghosts and Legends

Nancy Roberts

Queering Romantic Engagement in the Postal Age

Pamela VanHaitsma

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